Skysail Saga is written by two authors.

Josh Rhoades

Josh Rhoades leads a life dancing awkwardly between quiet desperation and simple truths. He went to the desert to find himself and came back years later more machine than man; communicating strictly in beeps and boops. Rehabilitation has been slow. Everyone has been commendably patient. Every so often you look into his distant, cold eyes and it’s like there’s something there. Then the flicker is gone and he’s talking about the machine again.


Mike Rutledge

Mike Rutledge lives to create. Whether it be stories, crude renderings, or life, he seeks to find his place in this world by imprinting his asinine imagination onto each surface. The son of an army officer and a wandering horticulturist, he never had a place to call home until meeting a woman and moving to the arctic. Mike’s wife has long suffered through his parade of insolence with the undying patience only a mother of two could endure.


In 2011, Mike made the worst mistake of his life. He gave Josh his Reddit username. And then proceeded to invite a subreddit to join his then-waning serial role-play forum. Josh seized upon this new data set, analyzing, contextualizing, and re-contextualizing to fit this into his knowable universe.

A year later, Mike, sleep-deprived and exhausted after caring for his newborn daughter, in a fit of raw emotion and ambition proposed to start writing a novel. Josh shrugged agreeably, as he does. They walked down from the mountain unaware of the peril that awaited them.


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